Please click on a job title on MO Careers home page for additional information regarding assigned duties, minimum qualifications, and instructions regarding the application process. Not all jobs utilize the same process, so please read instructions carefully and submit ALL information requested by the indicated deadline. A posting may specify that you should be on a Merit Register, complete an agency-specific application, submit a resume, and/or be otherwise appointable. Use the contact information listed in the job posting for additional questions.

For Jobs Requiring Active Status on a Merit Register

Refer to the job posting for instructions on whether to submit an application through EASe or a paper application.

If your name is currently active on the appropriate register, you do not need to submit a new Merit application unless it has been more than 90 days since you last applied for the relevant job title and you have received additional education and/or experience, or if your name will expire from the register soon. You can check your active register status under Quick Links after logging into your EASe application.

To view all current Merit register openings, which may include job titles that conduct ongoing recruitment with or without current vacancies, visit: State of Missouri Merit Registers.

For Jobs Requiring Applicants to be Appointable Under the Merit System

You must have passed probation in a Uniform Classification and Pay (UCP) position and meet other requirements depending on the classification and agency. Check with the contact person listed in the job posting for more information.

Special Hiring Process

For some Merit jobs, agencies conduct recruitment at the facility where the opening exists. Please follow the instructions listed in the job posting.

To Complete an Agency-Specific Application

Follow the link included in the job listing to access the agency’s application form. The EASe application will NOT be accepted in lieu of the agency’s application. However, some agencies may require both applications.

To Submit a Resume

Send resume along with other requested items such as transcripts and/or business references to the contact person listed in the job posting. These items should only be submitted if requested in the job postings, and will not be accepted in lieu of other required application materials.